Over $5 Million In Water Security Funding For Liverpool Plains Shire

Over $5 Million In Water Security Funding For Liverpool Plains Shire

The New South Wales State Government have green-lighted projects worth millions of dollars by approving funding to pay for two major water security works being undertaken by Liverpool Plains Shire Council. The grants are part of the NSW Government’s “Water Security for Regions” program, which was established to help regional communities be prepared for future dry spells. The aim is to upgrade infrastructure for water security, helping farmers and regional industries, businesses and families deal with times of drought.

In 2007, with supplies running near empty, the Council and State Government were forced to truck water in to Wallabadah at a considerable cost. The new water supply projects will go a long way toward removing that risk in the future. The Council’s Works Department are thrilled with their success in securing the government funding, meaning these big works can be completed sooner rather than later to secure good quality, reliable water supplies as well as providing economic benefits to the local community.

The Wallabadah water supply upgrade project has been allocated $380,000 and involves commissioning a new bore with greater yield and softer water than the current one, with a new pipeline being laid between the bore and the existing eastern reservoir. The second project funded is the construction of a major water pipeline to Willow Tree from Quirindi and the supporting reservoir. $4.8 million will go toward the pipeline, which the Liverpool Plains Shire Council say is vitally important to secure future water supply in communities across the region.

Both these water supply upgrade projects have completed planning stages. With the funding set, the Wallabadah bore/pipeline is in full swing, and the new pipeline component is already largely completed. The Quirindi to Willow Tree pipeline is part of the Council’s Regional Water Supply Strategy which was completed in June this year, and construction should start in the coming months once contracts are called and finalised – the Council says the project is ‘shovel-ready’.

With the summer season approaching and another long, hot summer likely, it’s a good time to start looking at your home water usage. Local water restrictions vary throughout the region, so make sure you stay on top of what’s required in your town or regional area. The Council regularly posts updates on their facebook page and via their website.  As of 25 August, the Quirindi region restrictions are as follows:

  • Quirindi, Werris Creek, Caroona, Spring Ridge, Premer and Blackville are set at the regular P (Permanent) level. Residents should minimise watering during the hottest daylight hours, wash down paved surfaces with a high-pressure hose only, and remember to use a pool cover to reduce evaporation.

  • Wallabadah is currently under Level 1 Restrictions. Residents should follow the same guidelines as Level P. In addition, sprinkler use is strictly 2 hours per day and a permit is required to fill pools over 2,000L.

  • Willow Tree is currently on Level 3 – High Restriction. Don’t use sprinklers, drippers or hoses. Pools over 2,000L aren’t to be filled. Bucket use (watering, washing, topping up pools) is allowed for two hours per day.

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